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  • TL88E有线探鱼器280元
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  • Product model: TL88
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1) 显示器类型:宽温LCD

2) 声纳频率: 200KHz 
3) 探头探测角度:45度 
4) 探头线长:10米 
5) 操作温度:-20°C-70°C 
6) 外观尺寸:120x68x31(mm) 
7) 产品重量:0.65KG 
8) 4节7号电池供电 

1) 模拟演示模式,方便用户了解如何使用

2) 深度探测范围: 0.6~100米,精确度:0.1米 
3) 用户可自定义测量单位:米或英尺 
4) 5级灵敏度设置:灵敏度越高小鱼也能探到,反之,只能探到大鱼 
5) 电池省电模式:打开与关闭 
6) 浅绿色屏幕背光:可设置为常亮 
7) 鱼情报警:声音急促一般为鱼群,反之,只有少量鱼 
8) 水底深度显示 
9) 电池电量提示:低电量频闪提示 
10) 鱼位置深度标尺:将当前水深平均分为10个等份来显示当前鱼情 
11) 3级水草以及石头显示 


100meter Sonar Sensor Portable Fish Finder TL88E

·  Say farewell to frustrating days spent waiting for a bite and locate those elusive fish instantly with this handheld and totally portable fish finder.
The massive depth read-out of 328 feet (100 meters), allows you to throw out the sonar for an instant reading of the fish below. Unlike some fish finders you can scan a large area in just a few minutes and not just the water directly beneath the unit.

This is a great all-rounder – use for river, lake and sea fishing – it even works on ice!

Your portable fish finder also comes with a mount adapter so that you can attach the sonar sensor to the hull of your boat or to a pole allowing you to easily position it in the water and perform wide (328 feet) horizontal scans.

All the information you need is displayed on the large backlit LCD screen:

1 Water depth
2 Fish depth
3 Fish location
4 Sensitivity
5 Bottom display

Great Benefits:

1 Audio Fish Alarm alerts you when fish have been found
2 328 feet (100 meter) scan depth!
3 Use for river, lake and sea fishing
4 Works on ice
5 Backlit LCD for clear reading even when fishing at night or in overcast weather
6 Sturdy, water-resistant design
7 Compact portable unit will fit easily into your pocket or tackle box
8 Spend more time catching those pesky fish rather than trying to find them!
9 Increase the size of your catch!
10 Show grass,rock,sand in the sea

Your portable fish finder is brand new and boxed and comes with the following :

1 Fish Finder unit
2 Round transducer with 25 feet cable
3 Transducer float (removable)
4 Transducer adapter with bolt and wing nut
5 Neck strap
6 Instructions

1 Display: TN/Anti-UV LCD
2 Backlight: green LED
3 Powered by: X4 AAA batteries (sorry, not incuded)
4 Measurement Units: Feet or meters
5 Sensor Beam Angle: 45 degrees
6 Depth Range Maximum: 328 feet (100 meters)
7 Depth Range Minimum: 2 feet (0.7 meters)
8 Operational Temperature: -4 oF to 158 oF (-20 oC to 70 oC)

Carton Size: 34x29x38cm 10pcs/ctn
G.W/N.W: 6.8kgs/6.5kgs



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